Tanman in collaboration with Intrernational Academy of Ayurveda

Tanman in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda

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Tanman Ayurvedic Research Centre

Tanman Ayurvedic Research Centre is a unique place and an opportunity for us to share our age-old ancient knowledge with you. Come and experience the process of healing and transformation of your body and mind with Ayurveda and Yoga.

TanMan Ayurvedic Research Centre - Pune, India

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Everyone at TanMan was very helpful. I felt like family. The staff was very kind  and even though sometimes English was limitted and my hindi to we were able to communicate very good Dr. Gopal was very patient answering questions and providing information. Ms. Vandana was always very helpful and kind and very efficient. Mr. Ram always provided what we need very good and kind Mr. Sanjay very helpful too and always with a smile. Blessy was my therapist and she was amazing. Very caring and very knowledgeable. She always made sure I felt comfort. Everyone is  very professional and… kind. I am very grateful for the experience in TanMan and I feel very good and rejuvenated.

Thank you ….

I will miss you all

Esther Brown from U.S.A

I am so grateful to the entire team that has taken such a good care of me.

Melanie Estarzias from U.S.A

Great  place,  great project and mainly great People. All of you are givers, patience and helpful.

Keep going. We will be back and we have friends to refer. Thank You all for taking such a good care of us.

Till next time Prasad & H….

Fabio Prasad from Saudi Arabia

I  had such a great experience, while I was  here. Your’s  doctors therapist and food are lovely and great. Feel totally at home during my whole  stay.

Caroline Chiesa from USA

The generosity and hospitality here has been above and beyond. The care from everyone here has left a wonderful  impression of India on me forever. Thank  You  to everyone here at TanMan. The therapies to the food will stain my heart with nothing less than a perfect experience !

With love and  light.

Madiso from U.S.A

Thank you for your kind attention and care during my stay at TANMAN. I am feeling much better now and hope to  keep this positive momentum going even after going back to the daily grind in the UK. Once again my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team.

Dinkar Bhardwaj from UK

I’m very happy to stay here. Was a beautiful experience. It’s very healthy place, because lot of  nature, you can breath the Pure air and the views are amazing .I’m very happy  with my therapist, Blessi. She is very nice and   caring me a lot. The treatment are very  good and good price. All the doctors are very nice and I felt that they are caring me very much. For me it’s amazing to be here this no days. I’m very grateful ! The food of Pathyam was very good I will remember the khichdi always.

TanMan and Pathyam will be always in my heart.  Lot of love and prem !

Marie Fatim from Spain

I Love everything about the experience the whole staff is superb, helpful, loving.

Elena Murphy from U.S.A

I’am very grateful for all the treatment. The careful attention I received from the doctors and the Masseur was beyond all expectations. Special thanks to Dr. Gopal  for patience and professionalism  during this period. I wish all of  TanMan much success, may god and guru always be with you. I will take this experience for the rest of my life. Gratitude … Jai Guru.

Mirian Gessi from Brazil

The food, the ambience is awesome. Doctors are very supportive. The staff is very excellent and loving. Would love to come back again.

Mrs. Nisha Jhaveri from Mumbai India

At TanMan you feel that everyone takes so good care of you and you may be in good hands.
The doctors are all so professional and chooses the best treatment and the therapist do a great job and as if they wouldn't be enough the food is just great. It really feels good to consume fresh vegetables directly from the garden free from pesticides. I have really enjoyed my stay here and off course. The pain I had for which I came here is almost gone.

Mrs. Stina Anderson Sweden

Swedish Massage takes away all my body pain.

Swapnali Inamdar

I feel Stress-free and calm after an Aromatherapy Massage.

Tanmayee Joshi

I love the hospitality of the staff. They are very calm and helpful.

Ajinkya Gokhale