Tanman in collaboration with Intrernational Academy of Ayurveda

Tanman in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda

Manasaarogya – Mental health

Today is world health day. This year’s World Health Organization’s slogan is “depression- let us talk” That will notice that how mind is important  In India 5% of the total population is  suffering from mental health problems. Mental disease is a very huge problem in spite that we are ignoring it. Note that these are only recorded patients, there are many more patients who do not agree that their mental state is not proper, or they should take medical treatment for it. since child-hood we see tremendous stress for small kids When, they seek admission in nursery or in first standard, they have to prove themselves, and likewise for each level they have to compete the world, and must prove themselves They must earn 100% in every field, or you can say at least 90%, then only they may have bright carrier, this is a strong belief of everyone, parents, children, teachers etc. And when they achieve good success then also these overprotected kids when face some inconvenient situation, they can not handle it and undergo depression. For good, successful, and happy life is this required? You can see, that study full time, taking a very big package, winning the good job is it really successful life? Is it really happy life? The other problem is that such kids, who are familiar to only success in life, can not face failure in other field of life, and easily discouraged and become victims of mental problem.

Why this is happening? Today life became easier, all the pleasures you may get on a single finger tip, and then what is going wrong? Why people having more and more mental problems? Is it because of our ignorance about metal health? So where is the nourishment of the mind? Slowly you are involving in virtual world; this virtual world is very beautiful, attractive. We don’t have to go any where, without ant any pain,    you see beautiful places, talk [forward] about beautiful things, gift cakes, bouquet, and many more, but you do not talk, you do not wish the particular person personally, do not share the joy physically or mentally!!

 Joy or happiness is also virtual!!! For example you can see baby growing these days, There birth is merely depend on carrier opportunity, provision of baby care, house maid etc, mother thinks that baby should not hamper her carrier opportunity, she will give everything [related to physical happiness], but she can not compromise her carrier only for spending time with her kid. Parents work in a multinational company for at least 10 hours, at the end of the day are so tired, unable to even talk with child, they ask maid for his/her daily routine and think they are doing more than enough for their kid. Gradually as time spends baby becomes habitual to this situation, starts spending time with TV, Expensive mobiles, internet, and transform in a lonely, self centered, lazy boy. Now he very well knows how to handle parents. Parents think that, they are giving each and every thing as per his requirement, so it is his duty to earn more and more marks and make them to feel proud in a society While choosing his carrier they don’t pay attention towards his liking, interest, instead they want some respectable profession. If the kid’s liking is different he can’t get much success. If he fails to do this, then disaster situation is there, he is a big failure, no one wants to talk with him, and all see him like a big shame. As up till now the kid grown in a comfortable situation he is unable to tackle this problem, as he don’t have ability to share, to talk, he feels depression, in this situation if he get attracted towards some bad habits like alcoholism, drugs, smoking then he become coward, unable to face situation, again failure again depression, the vicious cycle starts now. The condition get worsen day by day and the happy kid may have bad mental disease, so in this situation he must talk with his parents, good true friends, teacher, doctor, and must overcome this situation, as life is very beautiful and merely one failure must not ruin it!!So it is very important to talk. This situation you can avoid easily by choosing right carrier for you by expressing your views with your beloved ones. If you choose your interested carrier then you can achieve great success, sky is the limit for you, and then there is no place for depression.

Also it is important to reduce your physical needs. Your happiness must not depend on physical pleasure and personal needs and will automatically reduce the time you are spending by running behind physical happiness, and you will get time to listen one another, and will automatically help to reduce problems. If you are self content, and can keep your self away from rat race, you will be the happiest man in the world. If you think that your happiness is related to big car, big house, rich life style, then you are landing in a never ending race, for that you have to run whole life behind that happiness, and you loose the small joys of life, like spending time with kids, family, watching nature etc.

For healthy mind diet is equally important. Pure, home made, diet cooked with pure mind, satvik mind is very important. For good mental state diet we consume must be satvik, satvik means the diet which nourishes all three dosha vata, pitta, and kapha and do not vitiates them. Your diet should not contain hot, spicy, deep fried, non-vegetarian, dry, stale, food, more use of onion, garlic, you are drinking more tea, coffee, or drinks, it increases pitta dosha your mind becomes Raja means unsteady, you can’t concentrate for long time, hampers your work, mental state. If you take too much heavy food, more sweets, frozen, food induce heaviness your mind, and it becomes lazy can’t capture subject easily, your performance, confidence lowers. So eat home made ghee, butter, resins, almond, fresh fruits, seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly cooked food it will nourish your mind very well!!

With healthy food, healthy habits are also important. Always talk sweet; you should not trouble other so that because of guilty feeling you must not suffer your mind. Always think positively, some creative thinking should be there. Don’t be panic, never let hard comments, loose sentence to hurt some one. Although the situation is worst for you, there is always next beautiful way to handle it, if you calm down and thought patiently you will find it yourself, as you are the best well-wisher of yourself. Self confidence is very important in every situation, if you don’t have faith on your ability no one will trust you so be confident!!

Be an early bird!! Always wake up early in the morning. Don’t ignore your natural calls, as it may increase vata factor in your body and mind. Do some Asana, pranayam and exercise regularly it will help you to keep mind healthy. You can also take help of some ayurvedic treatments, panchakarma, shirodhara under the guidance of ayurvedic doctor for healthy mind.

Life is beautiful enjoy it with all it’s fragrance!!

Stay healthy!!

Live healthy with healthy mind!!!

Avoid situation like this…..

 A troubled heart, a troubled mind
that never meant to be unkind.
No way to undo what’s been done
Nowhere to hide nowhere to run…….Tiya Maria

And talk with your mind like Rani Turton

My mind told my mind
Don’t leave me alone;
Life is long and my destiny unsigned;
My mind with my mind, then intertwined.

Vd. Nileema Shisode

M.D. {Kayachikitsa}

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