Tanman in collaboration with Intrernational Academy of Ayurveda

Tanman in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda

Why Tanman

“I am very happy that you can offer such a facility for us. I have done yearly detoxification therapies at your clinic for last few years but this time it was different, more effective and I am sure it will give me long terms health benefits. I feel when we do it at city based clinic and staying at home I somehow cannot follow everything as per your guidance. We tend to cheat sometimes he said with a smile. At TanMan I could connect well with my body, I could listen to my body and mind more better, I could help my body to clean more effectively and felt more peaceful.”
This was the feedback from my patients undergoing detoxification therapies like Vaman, Virechan, Basti and others in the residential TanMan facility. We are fully operational from march this year and I am happy for my patients that we have such a facility now. Such indoor facility ensures controlled and perfect environment, right rest, peace, climatic support, customized diet, calmness and most importantly with no TV and work related influences it delivers more effective Panchakarma therapies. This is very important especially when we are treating chronic and lifestyle diseases in which the immunity is low and an psychosomatic element is also involved. When one stays at a wholesome place like TanMan the daily routine starting from morning Yoga, therapy sessions, eating Ayurvedic meals, connecting with nature, meditation, use of organic ingredients, Bhakti rasa in form of chanting, all takes the individual at a different paradigm of health. After returning back home if one continues to follow some of these healthy daily routines and dietary changes, even that helps in sustaining the healthy state. I have tried a combination of doing 7-9 days Panchakarma module divided partly in Pune based clinic and TanMan which worked really good for people who cannot afford a long stay in terms of money and time.
In my seventeen years of clinical practise of delivering authentic Ayurvedic consultation, prescribing diet, lifestyle, herbs, Panchakarma therapies and therapeutic Yoga, I always felt there is something missing in the totality of what Ayurveda system of medicine I am delivering. Many shortcomings which happens on the end of patients and even sometimes in the monitoring levels could be totally avoided. I always knew that a well equipped residential facility to deliver Ayurveda is what is needed. I and my team of doctors from International Academy of Ayurveda are very happy to be part of TanMan were we could offer Ayurveda as a complete package.I welcome all health seeking souls to experience TanMan as unless you disconnect yourself from unhealthy city life, gadgets, polluted environment, stress and even sometimes people around, you cannot see the other side of how healthy your body and mind can feel.
Let all be Healthy and Happy.

Dr. Abhijit Nagendra Jinde (M.D Ayurved)
Project coordinator and Chief Consultant – TanMan – Restoring Wellness and Revitalizing Mind

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