Tanman in collaboration with Intrernational Academy of Ayurveda

Tanman in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda

Detoxify your body with panchakarma

In rainy season all vata problems get aggravated. People start to complain bodyache, indigestion, increased joint pain, back pain, increased tingling, numbness of hands, legs, in short, all the pain factors get increased.

In Ayurveda for this purpose seasonal panchakarma is recommended. In rainy season vata gets vitiated which is a cause of above mentioned complaints. To normalize this increased vitiated vata, ‘basti’ a kind of panchakarma is recommended.

What is ‘basti’?

Basti is a procedure to treat patients with herbal medicines, decoctions, medicated oils, ghee, honey, saindhav salt etc where mode of drug administration is through anus.

Action of basti

As large intestine is prime location of vata if we treat patients by this method vitiated vata get subside at its major place and our vata problems get subside at its own place do not find path to increase at it’s another places such as joints, bones, back, skin etc. Large intestine has large absorption area i.e. intestinal flora, which permits absorption of drug immediately after its administration so quick results are possible with this panchkarma.

It is one of the major five detoxification programs described in Aayurvedic texts. As vata get increased with dryness, coldness, in basti we use medicated oils, decoctions whose characteristics are opposite to vata so vata get subsided and we get relief from all pains, constipation vata skin diseases etc.

By using different types of basti we can treat all diseases i.e. diseases of all 3 doshas, they get balanced and health is achieved.

By this procedure you can achieve long healthy life, it gives healthy glow o your skin. It can reduce or increase your weight, it is age protector-it reduces signs of aging-dry saggy skin becomes tight. It rejuvenates your body, skin. Basti gives strength to you.

In this way basti itself, is a complete treatment.

Precautions for basti

It is a scientific procedure you should give sufficient time for proper results. It needs some diet and habit regimen. You should avoid—

1] Travelling, sun exposure, and heavy exercise

2] Loud talking , delivering speech,

3] Day time sleep, late night sleep, coitus

4] Heavy to digest food ,unhealthy fast food, hotel food etc.

Take light, healthy, satwik diet, and follow good habits during this procedure.

Types of basti

Two major types-Types dependant on drugs used for basti

1] Niruha basti – This basti contains herbal decoction+medicated oil+honey+saindhav salt etc. Its quantity is more so it is expelled immediately from body. It detoxify your body by expelling vitiated dosha with decoction.

2] Anuvasan basti – This basti contains only medicated oils, it’s quantity is less so it retains in body 1 hr to 12 hrs. It nourishes your body, oleates internally and there by reduces vata.

Generally both bastis are used on alternate day, but we can use only oil basti also, especially for old age patients, or patients with chronic constipation, dryness etc.

Duration of basti

There are many courses of basti-common ones are

3 Days basti for rejuvenation therapy called as ‘yuktaratha basti where above mentioned diet and habit regimens are not compulsory.

8 Days basti course-where niruha and anuvasan are given alternately.

 15/16 days basti course-for obesity or chronic diseases.

30 days basti course for chronic, difficult to treat patients, where more dosha are involved since many days.

21 days basti course these bastis are bone nourishing basti. These are given for osteoarthritis, back pain, calcium deficiency, spondylosis, joint pain etc. 3 subsequent bastis are given at interval of 5-7 days.

There are many bastis described in Ayurvedic texts specific for every disease, infertility, blood diseases etc.

Procedure of basti-

Prior to basti-Whole body massage is given with medicated oil. This is 45-60 minutes session. After that steam bath is given with herbal decoction.

Basti- Medicine is given to patient through anus under all aseptic precautions.

Post basti- Patient should take rest for half an hour, when he has sensation to pass stool he can do that. After that he has to take hot water bath and then take hot easy to digest food.

For this procedure 1.5 to 2 hours required. When you undergo proper scientific basti procedure in this rainy it will keep you healthy for at least 1 year.

Dr. Nileema Shisodev

(M.D. [Aayurved] gold medalist.)

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